Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Girl In A Thunderbolt

I have been wanting to shoot this girl for so long, and anyone who's ever seen her perform will know why.  On the day of the shoot the sun was out, we somehow managed to find the perfect location (don't ask me where, deepest darkest Norfolk I think, we did get a little lost), and Maria was on splendid form.

For those that don't know or haven't yet heard Girl In A Thunderbolt she is a one woman outfit, although the last time I saw her perform she had put together a fantastic band  (I hope they stay). Her performances are both unique and mesmerising and she has one hell of a voice.  I think it's best you hunt her down yourself.  She is playing this Wednesday 9th at The Bicycle Shop Norwich and she also has an album available both from her website or via the power of iTunes.

Oh, and I did try to leave some of Maria's music here for you to listen to, but I'm afraid my technological skills let me down, but I'll leave a link at the end so if you like what you see, do yourself a favour and hear the voice that goes with it ;D


  1. These look brilliant Jo, I especially like the one with the Maria in the sun glare at the window! :)