Monday, 21 February 2011

An invite from Cherry Cherry

So, last week I got to roll three treats into two splendid hours.  Firstly, spending time in Cherry Cherry which, if you haven't already discovered for yourself, is one of those little stores that instantly pops into your head for gifts (whether for loved ones, or preferably for yourself), no matter whether you have fifty quid or a handful of silver in your purse.
Starting off as a concession in The Perfect Pad in Norwich's Lanes it was no surprise it soon outgrew it's nest and took up residence a few doors down in what is now an impossible place to pass without at the very least a glance and preferably (if you know what's good for you) a purchase.  In it's own words 'selling all things handmade and crafty' Cherry Cherry is the brainchild of Kate Seaward who quite frankly has an eye for sourcing the very best in local illustrators, designers, and as she puts it 'crafters'.  I love this shop, it's a true feast for the eye (and in my case the lens), it's bright even on the greyest day, and most importantly friendly.  Even if you're not shopping it's got to be worth a browse, I promise you won't regret stepping through the door!

Which brings me to my second, Kate herself.  I've only known Kate a little over a year but she's one of those girls you instantly feel comfortable around (which is reflected, I think, in her shop).  She's originally an illustrator herself, though had to put a lid on her pens for several months while she got her shop in order.  I had asked her to put some words together about herself, but she finds it easier to plug others rather than blow her own trumpet (god knows she was a little camera shy, unjustifiably...).  I do know she has a love of birds (one of her own illustrations is inked on her wrist which I guess is the ultimate accolade), moustaches ;D and her beautiful little Daschund Jerry.  
I will come to my third in a moment, but first, a quick browse...

Amongst the many many beautiful prints I discovered this wonderful papercut.  Can you think of a more beautiful wedding gift?  I intend to find out more about this lady and report back later...

Ok, I could go on, but I think you should really check the place out for yourself, you won't be sorry...
Which brings me to my third and I guess the reason I'm here.  Kate recently contacted me to say she had turned her hand to wedding stationary.  What started by chance, a bride to be popping by hoping to find something unique, has turned into yet another new venture.  The bride commissioned Kate to design some bespoke invitations, and upon return was so happy with what she saw, beautifully illustrated and so obviously hand drawn, she put in an order for some place settings, order of service and Thank you cards. 

Working from the back of the shop, with one eye on her business at all times, the invites are hand cut and embossed.  

I doubt this will be my last post from Kate or Cherry - as we speak she has big plans to open an artist's studio on the ever expanding Wensum Street, watch this space...

Until then x

ps : after editing these pictures I HAD to go back and buy that skull and scissors bracelet, I love it! (don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from) ;D

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