Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Most Curious Wedding Fair!

Anyone who's ever got married, thought of getting married, or is even an 'always the bridesmaid never the bride' type will no doubt have come across at least one wedding fair in their time.  These events are grand affairs, filled to the rafters with dresses, cakes and limos.  And while I know many who enjoy them, frankly they leave me a little flat.
Thankfully I'm not the only one.  
Becky Hoe-Hale is one of the new breed who believes weddings should be unique, personal and most importantly, fun.  Founder of A Curious Party vintage hire company she decided Norwich needed a Curious Wedding Fair that would be all of these things!  And so on a sunny Saturday in April St Andrews Hall become home to some of the most creative wedding vendors in the region (and beyond in some cases!).  She was obviously on to something as the doors opened at 11am to a big queue and over 900 visitors mingled and browsed throughout the day.
I even managed to bag my first ever stall - but had to leave it in the capable hands of Paul & Lisa (thanks guys x) so that I could cover as much of the day as I could.  There was so much to see that by 5 o clock I was drained.  But it was a fantastic day, everyone had made such an effort and it showed.  I could've posted a thousand pics here as there was so much to see!
And as we walked home to a well earned wine, stall props under arm, I hinted to Paul (for the first time ever in 17 years) that actually, it would be quite nice to walk the aisle... ;D

Mrs Hoe Hale herself, seen here second from left.  It should be noted that Becky gave birth to her first child - the beautiful Bella - just weeks before the event.  Certainly not a girl who believes in putting her feet up!! x

I LOVED the tea room x

Becky has plans to make this a regular affair (after a well earned break no doubt) and I'm sure I speak for everyone there when I say it can't come soon enough x


  1. The event looks lovely, shame I missed it, nice pics too xx

  2. This looks like such a cool event - what am I missing out on not living in Norwich any more?

  3. Wow!! Such a lovely wedding fair. Love to go through these pictures. Have never been to such a fair but would love to if will get any chance. Few days ago have attended my friend’s wedding at one of wedding venues Chicago and was very happy to find everything amazing there.