Thursday, 7 July 2011

House music

Regular readers may remember my first blogpost feature on Cherry Cherry (RIP). Whilst I was there I came across a beautiful papercut, and vowed to follow up it's creator.  As is natural in Norwich it didn't take much investigation... me: "kate, who did this?" kate: "that'll be Su Owen, would you like her number?".  And with that I thought I had a feature on a crafter on my books.  What I didn't expect was to get a returned call from Su saying that she'd jacked in her teaching job and set aside her papercuts to set up a new Home!  So a few months on and House cafe 52's doors are open, the license is in place, the menu is expanding and I thought it was time to let you in.
House is a home from home. All the furniture and crockery is sourced from boot sales and secondhand shops, ie: worn in and comfy.  The walls are lined with local art to be bought and books waiting to be read.  This is the kind of cafe where you feel comfortable to come alone, buy tea (there's lots and lots of tea, tea is Su's speciality) and just hang.  I went along with a couple of friends for a quick brew, bought toast and peanut butter for breakfast, settled on the sofa, and ended up buying a fish finger sandwich for lunch 3 hours later!
Kids are not only welcomed, but encouraged - Su is a mother of 3, god knows where she finds the time - and has catered not only with food but also activities.
And now her evening license has come through the fun has only just begun. Regular evenings are popping up such as Freestyle fingers, an arty evening for both relaxed and serious crafters, and - on the night I popped along - Tunesday Record Club.  A night for dusting down your old vinyl (anything, I repeat anything, goes...) and taking your turn on the decks...

Set just yards from the Art Centre on St Benedicts this is the perfect pre gig bar, it's cosy, lively and has some great tunes...

Oh, and in case you're interested, I couldn't go down without taking something to slot on the decks myself... so what did I take?  An old fav of mine... Je Suis Un Rock Star of course!
Don't knock it till you've tried it!! 


  1. Your wonderful blog almost tempts me to move back home.

  2. Ellie where did you go? I moved to Bethnal Green for several years (swearing I'd never return), but eventually made my way home. I bet you will be back... x

  3. haha, I'm also in Bethnal Green (maybe it's the proximity to the A11). We're looking to buy a flat (read shoebox) down here and unless my photography takes off my job is quite London specific unfort.

  4. I loved Bethnal Green (I think you're right about the A11!). Only left because we had kids. From what I've seen of your photography you have no worries, it'll definitely take off. Love it x

  5. ha ha, Ellie this is freaky - I just checked out your FB business page and noticed your address.... we lived at 26 Temple Dwellings for 6 years (my son was born there)!!! Small world ;)

  6. That is a small world. If you still lived there up until January 2007 we'd have been neighbours at some point.

  7. Ah we left in Oct 2004. Such a great location though (good memories) x