Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cut & Cloth and a welcome return.

Well - it's been a while!
I've missed this blog, it was my baby for a long time, and without it I've no doubt I would still be a happy amateur photographer.  But it's kind of been a victim of it's own success and I now live in a wedding shaped world.  I've been overwhelmed with how everything has taken off and couldn't be happier - but I do miss this old girl and have decided it's about time I gave her the love she deserves.  I'm going to find the time to blog once a fortnight (more if I can, we'll see) - whether it be a whole story or even one shot, I'm making the effort to keep this one alive.  I do have a photographic life outside the marital kind (don't get me wrong - I LOVE the wedding side of things) and it'll be fun to air some of it.  So why not :)

First up, a handful of shots from Norwich Fashion Week (yes, believe it!).  I was asked along by Flint hair to cover their part in the Cut & Cloth show - a collaboration between local hairdressers and independent clothes stores - and love working with this team so much I was happy to join in.  With hair by Flint and Flamingo Amy, make up by the lovely Emily at Love Moi Makeup, clothes by Dog and Catfish, and an after party at the Birdcage, why wouldn't I...  ;)

The team wanted a group shot so I asked them for their best vogue face - Flint owner Conor kills me in this photo!!

(not Cat or Dogfish outfits - but what's a fashion show without a little local 'couture'...)

Ah, feels good to be back xx

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